StocInn:Journey so far...

If you are budding stock trader or a seasoned campaigner when you peep into the financial world you will see there is a flood of financial trading and stock market analysis softwares. Rating these packages side by side can give the impression that one package is better than all the rest, but the key is what software suits you and your trading style the best. We need to understand the unique offerings that each vendor provides. Some of the softwares might be a complete clone of the other but most of them have a USP of their own. One year ago Paxcel Ninjas conceived an idea to come up with a financial analytics software which should stand out of the herd. Witty heads from various teams viz. UI/ UX/Development did an extensive research and analysis of various products, latest technologies which could be utilized, user's pain points etc.


It all started with a mild thought that “lets do something out of the box”. The zeal of exploring new technologies and the challenge of creating something distinctive gave us the punch that we needed to make this happen. All of us were pretty occupied with our bread and butter task (client projects). So we decided to work in the night as well on weekends. Now the question was “What we gonna make”? The answer was within our experience. We have vast knowledge of financial domain and we want to put all of that within a single product.


Initially we explored the virtues of HTML5 which can be helpful to build this very product, like websockets. Around a week we had given our time to jQuery, bootstrap, Angular etc. Within the first 15 days basic functionality was set up as we were getting feeds over websockets. Now we all just wanted to showcase our X-factor. After that we set up a realistic target of the first phase of development and in this pursuit we decided to practice hackathon.


In the second phase we started the “real” progress. We thought of a name, many came through our mind but our motto to innovate capital market data(stocks' data) has given it the name “StocINN” where “Stoc” stands for stock market and “Inn” stands for innovation. Afterwards we focused on architectural stability and choose Angular for MVVM support. Within first 30 days of this adoption we released first four components covering StocEStreamer, StocManager, StocBeacon, StocBulletin. For next 20 days we focused on a new component called as StocTSQ which kept the performance of the app on its heels, and after lots of effort we stablized this. As we were going strong, “liking” and “suggestions” were flowing. So on the course we indulge in a partnership with kazzing. We studied their offerings and around September we integrated kazzing for StocEStreamer and till October end, we provided kazzing as an option for our app. Next on the cards was data visualization. We explored many charting libraries. After all this we choose d3.js as our “drawing” tool. Our aim was to plot data in a unique, refreshing and customizable way. After a wide-ranging effort we released our first teaser of charts in march 2014, and still going strong.

 Our Goal

Now we are focusing on “Trading” and “Analytics”. Next versions will have build in virtual trading components based on FIX/FAST. We have initiated the process. Along with this we are thinking to provide more options with StocCharts and partnership with some market data providers. On the other hand we want to create sort of data mining center so that user can access to various stats via reports which can help him while tackling with the financial market.