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Our Customizable Assets

Our Experience

We serve real-time equities feed over html5 compatible browsers by websockets. We have experience in getting real-time data from these

  • NASDAQ Level 2
  • Options Chains & Quotes
  • OTC Level 1
  • OTC Markets Level 2
  • Canadian Quotes
  • Regional Equity Quotes
  • Regional Options Quotes
  • VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Pricing)
  • Futures Data (Real-Time or Delayed)
  • CME (ex. S&P/NASDAQ Futures)
  • CBOT
  • ICE

We also have experience in getting a real-time feed from third party vendors like

  • QuoteMedia
  • Realtick
  • Premium Data
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  • Dow Jones News
  • TheFlyOnTheWall
  • Benzinga
  • Street Insider
  • Midnight Trader


  • HISTORICAL NEWS (40 days)
  • Regional news
  • News filters
  • Save your queries
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We have back-end components which can dilute the tedious parsing logic of following data providers.

  • Zacks
  • Market76
  • Portfolio123
  • ETF's handling

Corporate Actions

  • Splits
  • Dividends
  • Reorganization
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  • Data visualization using D3.js
  • Different type of charts using svg,html5 interaction
  • We have created re-usable components like "Market-horizon" using our charting domain knowledge
  • Historical/Live charts
  • Exposure to different charting libraries like Flot, HighCharts, Fusion etc

Have a Look


  • MarketGrader Equity Research
  • S&P Research Packages:
  • S&P Combo: Marketscope & Stock Research
  • S&P Marketscope
  • S&P Stock Research
  • S&P Mutual Fund Research
  • S&P ETF Research
  • S&P Combo: Funds & ETF's
  • S&P Combo: Funds, ETF's and Hypothetical Analysis Tools
  • S&P Combo: Marketscope, Stocks, Funds & ETF Research
  • S&P Combo: Marketscope, Stocks, Funds & ETF's and Hypothetical Analysis Tools
Partners with Kaazing

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